Shunsuke Uchina

Sasuke youngest and favourite son.He fought with his older brother Daisuke before and won him .He is a considered a Talented shinobi.He is now 10.Even though he is five years younger than China he is in the same team as her, the other team member is akeno the son of orochimaru later he leaves the village and fights against shunsuke where shunsuke almost killed him but he didn't do it and he let him pass.His Sensei is kakashi.His best friend is Kai.His father ask rock Lee to test him by asking Rock Lee and Daisuke to act as he pass the test by defeating both of them with Susanoo.

In the Chunin Exam Third Exam He fought Kai and tied.Then he fought his sister and won the last match he fought agaisnt Haru and tied.


ninja tools: sword of kusanagi(which his father gave him),fuma shuriken,susanoo sword,wire strings,flying thundergod kunai

He learned how to use the sharingan at the age of 4 and also passed the academy at the age of 4 and became Chunin at the age of 9.At the age of 10 he learned the Mangekyo Sharingan.he became the leader of the anbu blackops also at the age of 10.

And he became an Jounin at the age of 12.

after the sixth great ninja war he was banish from Konoha becaus they thought he killed some leaf shinobi.later he found his own village the land of shadows and became the ichukage.

he started a goup like the akatsuki/anbu called the shadow warriors.

later he protected konoha from one of his own team members.

                                                                                When he grows  he wants to create peace in the world. He is very kind but if you push him to his edge he will destroy you.