Daisuke Uchiha

Daisuke is a son of Sasuke and Sakura.Hes has 2 younger sibblings which are Shina who is the same age as him an Shunsuke Who is 6 years younger than him.He is Now in a three man team follow by Hana Hanabi and Mori Natsuki . He is now 13 He is the new Ladies Man of Konoha but his Kind of in Love with Hana but can't seem to find a way to tell her.Daisuke Isn't another Sasuke, Instead Daisuke prefers to have fun next to his friends and next to Shina but when it comes to training you picked a hard training person.Daisuke Mastered his sharingan during the Chunin Exams While being in a Painful situation were his Teammates almost died.He became a Chunin At age of 12 and now has been a full 2 Years next to his assigned team..His Birthday is June 16th and he's Known as the Uchiha Desender Beacuse of His Mastered Use Of The Sharingan He can do Fire Style As Inherited from his father as well as his inherited strength from his mother.Besides that he Can do any Fire ninjustu as high as Jonin level and He doesnt seem to be Going in a evil path since he doesnt desire power as much as sasuke did at his age. he doesn't seem to share any rivalty towards and other chunin Although he seems to be over protective of Shina when it refers to Kai and Her.

Daisuke mastered the Mangekyo Sharingan at age 16 when he fought his father and won.Sasuke's least favorite child out of three.His know jutsu are:Fire Style:Fire Ball Jutsu,Fire Style:Fire Dragon Jutsu,Chidori,Chidori Stream,Susano'o,Lightning Style:Black Panther Jutsu,Kirin,Amaterasu,Amaterasu Blade,Water Style:Water Dragon Jutsu and Wolf Fangs.His weapons are the Uchiha Katana,Kunai and Giant Shuriken.